Monsters Don’t Like Sour Cream

Larry slaved away making a delightful meal for the monsters under his bed. When they refuse to eat dinner because of a dollop of sour cream, how will he convince them to be brave? Monster’s Don’t Like Sour Cream is a humorous picture book that tackles the difficulty faced when new food refuses to be tried because of its appearance. You will find the first 296 of 900 words pasted below.

Tonight, I’m planning a scrumptious meal. Tacos, it’s what’s for dinner. Tasty. Crunchy. Deliciousness all wrapped up in a tortilla. I absolutely cannot wait.

Slipping a colorful invitation to the monsters that reside under the bed, I got to work. My monsters first home cooked meal must be a smashing success.

First, I take out ALL the ingredients: hamburger, zesty taco seasoning, one bright red tomato, a ripe avocado, lettuce, cheese, and of course sour cream. Oh, and I almost forgot the flour tortillas.

“Mom, I need your help!” I call out excitedly.

“Yes, Larry?” Mom asked.

Staring sweetly into my mother’s questioning gaze, I asked, “Can you supervise me while I prepare tacos for the monsters under my bed?”

“Well, since you asked nicely, I suppose I can assist you.” Mom chuckled.

Bebop, boop de boom. We hummed while we fried the hamburger in the frying pan.

Zizzle, splash, crack we listened to the hamburger absorb the zesty taco seasoning.

Choppity, chop, chop, we belted out while slicing the tomato, lettuce, and avocado with the sparkly, silver knife.

Swish, drizzle, splot we sung as we dropped crisply chopped lettuce, stringy Mexican cheese, diced tomatoes, and avocado slices into the maroon serving bowls on the rustic table.

“Grab the tortillas,” Mom reminded me. I keep forgetting about the tortillas.

Glancing around the table, the taco meat stole the spotlight. Crisp lettuce, stringy cheese, diced tomatoes, avocado slices and warm tortillas were merely limelight features, but made the meal dazzle.

Missing, what was missing? Sour cream! Racing to the countertop, I yanked the container and placed it next to the stringy, yellow cheese.

Waving my arms in a circular motion, the sweet aroma wafted through the air. Waiting patiently, I eagerly scanned the hallway for the monsters.









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