Cosmic Crunch

Ten year old Wally was just minding his own business when a spaceship appeared out of nowhere in his backyard.  A precious item was left on Pluto, but due to the new size regulations,  the alien’s map is missing the dwarf planet’s location. Will Wally and the alien find the missing treasure? Cosmic Crunch is a humorous picture book that describes Wally’s adventurous treasure hunt through space.  You will find the first 272 of 938 words pasted below.

There I was, muttering complaints about picking up all of the sticks littering the backyard, when all of a sudden I spotted a spaceship tucked behind my garage.

My jaw dropped with amazement, “What in the world…”

My feet gripped into the freshly trimmed grass as I stood frozen in place, like a garden gnome. My heart pounded, but curiosity got the best of my fluttering thoughts. I just couldn’t help myself, I had to investigate.

Tiptoeing to the twinkling glass, I lightly knocked three times. It was as if a vacuum sucked up the breath in my lungs as I impatiently waited for a response.

Piercing green eyeballs attached to what appeared to be purple twigs poked up from beneath the glass.

Swoosh. The glass vanished into the silver orb as the amethyst creature stood up to greet me.  My hands pushed my jaw back together as I listened to the garbled nonsense coming out of the alien’s mouth.  He glanced at me the way my mother does when she knows I haven’t been listening.

Shrugging my shoulders, I slowly said, “I don’t understand you.”

Thin fingers slid to the side of the alien’s neck. Beep, bop, boop, “There, do you understand this dialect?”

“Ya,” I muttered. I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Here I was, in plain old Illinois having an actual conversation with an alien.

In a low pitch voice, the alien asked, “Do you know where planet Pluto is? It’s been taken off of our intergalactic map due to its size, but we left a valuable resource on it. I could use your help finding it. ”


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