Is Mucus Useless?

Why does our nose produce mucus? What exactly is it’s purpose? Is it useful or useless? Understanding why we have snot may be tricky, but this book will help you without making you slimy or sticky! Is Mucus Useless? is a humorous, narrative nonfiction picture book that explains the purpose of snot and how it helps protect our body.  You will find the first 107 of 301 words pasted below.

My nose has an intruder, it is a nasty booger.

Green, slimy mucus, I do not want you. You seem useless.

But I know that your mucus is useful; actually it is crucial, if I’m truthful.

Why, you ask? Well, you see mucus has a valuable task.

The nose is exposed to millions of tiny particles, it is kind of remarkable.

Mucus acts as the body’s natural filter, it detects if something entering the nose is unfamiliar.

Germs, dust, or pollen try to enter, but the mucus blocks the lung tormentors.

You see, without the mucus protection, or the snot, irritation and infection would have a shot.


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