Sally the Space Cadet

Will Sally ever bring her field trip form home? No matter how many times Mom reminds her, she keeps forgetting it. How will she convince her mind to remember? Sally the Space Cadet is a humorous picture book that tackles the difficult nature of learning how to be responsible. You will find the first 283 of 974 words pasted below.

“Sally, Sally, Sally,” Mom muttered, “What in the world are we going to do with you?”

Her bright blue eyes radiantly sparkled despite the fact that Mom was disappointed. She didn’t mean to lose the important handout; in fact she was holding it tightly until Miyah asked her to help carry some chocolate chip cookies. Now, how was she supposed to resist the chance of receiving a gooey treat?

“I’m sorry, Mom. I promise it won’t happen again,” Sally blissfully answered.

The next morning, Mom did everything in her power to make sure Sally wouldn’t forget. Notes were on her folder, agenda, and backpack. Then, she pulled out a blue, silk ribbon, and carefully tied it around Sally’s pointer finger, with a gentle reminder that the ribbon was to help her remember to bring her field trip form home. She also thought about grabbing a Sharpie to give her spacey daughter a makeshift tattoo reminder, anything that could guarantee success. Mom knew it would be easier to just pick up the handout herself, but her heart insisted upon teaching Sally some good ol’ responsibility.

“Mom, I love this blue ribbon, it matches my outfit perfectly! I’ll see you after school, love you,” Sally warmly smiled at Mom as she hopped out of the minivan.

“Sally,” Mom called, “what will the blue ribbon help you remember?”

“My field trip form, silly. I won’t forget it again today,” Sally cheerfully answered.

All day Sally admired the beautiful ribbon. She traced the tightly wound cursive letters of Mom’s helpful note. She’d been extra responsible this morning. She got the handout as soon she scurried into the classroom.  Now, the paper just had to be delivered home.


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