Marcia the Mushroom

Finding a new home in the forest isn’t easy for Marcia the mushroom. She thought she had found the perfect spot until she discovered that the tree she had rooted in next to thinks she is nothing more than an invasive fungus! Will Marcia be able to find an area where she is welcomed? Marcia the Mushroom is a thoughtful picture book that describes the missed opportunity of friendship because of judging someone prior to getting to know them. You will find the first 211 of 705 words pasted below.

Tall cedar trees cover the landscape. New leaves are budding to announce, with certainty that spring is finally here.

 Caryn glances at the grass surrounding the base on her tree stump. She stares down at the lush, green fabric that compliments her leaves and blissfully sighs.

 “Top of the morning, Caryn,” Hoppy greets her, “Love the new decoration!”

Alarm bells fiercely stream panic throughout Caryn’s veins, she did not order anything extra this spring. What is this fur ball talking about? Maybe he is thinking about how beautiful the grass looks. Its vibrant colors showcase just how well she cared for it this past year. That must be what Hoppy’s talking about.

 “I know, isn’t the grass just beautiful. It really makes my whole area of the forest stand out!” Caryn exclaims.

 “Uh, yes the grass is quite lovely, but haven’t you noticed the red dome with white speckles?” Hoppy mumbled.

 “I’m sorry, but you sir Hoppy, are describing a fungus. I absolutely do not tolerate those species to live near me. You must be mistaken,” Caryn scoffed.

 “Why don’t you like mushrooms?” Hoppy questioned.

“Look, my area is perfect the way it is. I don’t want an invasive mushroom changing things. I want things to stay the same,” Caryn growled.


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