Do Dinosaurs Tiptoe?

Dinosaurs. Winston needs to know everything about them. He knows just what to do – he can ask questions! Do Dinosaurs Tiptoe is a humorous picture book that follows the endless questions Winston is asking about his favorite creature.  You will find the first 107 of 308 words pasted below.

“Do dinosaurs tiptoe?”

“Do they plan sneak attacks or loudly burst through the leaves?”

“After they catch their prey, do they put it in the refrigerator?”

“Do they carry it in a lunchbox if they are traveling to visit their family?”

“Do dinosaurs have family reunions?”

“Do different dinosaurs meet with each other during these family gatherings?”

“What kind of games do the dinosaurs play with their family?”

“Do they play tag? Hide and go seek? Board games?”

“What about TV? Do dinosaurs watch TV before bedtime?”

“Or, do they read stories about humans before their eyes drift to sleep?”

“Speaking of sleep, where do dinosaurs sleep?”


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