Shoelace Fiasco

“Will I ever figure this out?” I said with a shout. Tying shoes is a tricky business. The laces flop all over the place instead of neatly forming into a bow. What’ll I do to tie my shoes? Shoelace Fiasco is a humorous picture book filled with rhymes that explain the strategies one boy used to persist through the tricky shoe tying business. You will find the first 117 of 366 words pasted below.

Red high top tennis shoes are giving me the blues.

The stringy long laces refuse to go in the right places.

My shoes have to be tight, in case I have to run at the speed of light.

I wrap my fingers around the shoestring and try to pull up the thing.

I start in the middle of the shoe and clench the laces to pull them through.

Tightening my red shoelaces is tricky; I can’t quite do it quickly.

I take my time pulling the strings tightly; after all, I want them to be tied nicely.

 My shoes are snug as a bug around my feet, but the task of tying my shoes is still incomplete.


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