It’s Gonna Be A Cold One Today!

Extra cold weather calls for extra layers. Barnaby thinks his winter ensemble is complete until he peers down at his poor little toes. Barnaby’s in a frosty predicament when his bulky boots decide not to fit anymore!  It’s Gonna Be A Cold One Today! is a picture book that follows Barnaby on his quest to be prepared for the frigid weather.  You will find the first  229 of 639 words pasted below. 

Frosty window panes.


“Brrr!” I exclaim. Wriggling down into the warm embrace of my fluffy down comforter, I wistfully think about remaining in bed the whole day.


“Barnaby, hurry up! It’s time to get ready for school!” Mom calls up the stairs.


My comforter remains draped around my shoulders like a king’s robe, as I shuffle towards my window. Scraping off the frosty condensation, I inspect my thermometer.


A hint of red glares back at me, it’s almost completely hidden from sight.


“2 degrees?” I gasp. “Boy, it’s gonna be a cold one today.”


I rummage through the bottom of my dresser. Extra cold weather calls for extra layers. Who cares if my long johns have frogs hopping all over them? No one will see ‘em anyways, I think while covering my bare legs.


Moving on up to the top drawer, I fling socks out.


“Not this one, not that one, where are my wool socks?” I mutter.


“Aha! Of course they were the very last pair!” I plop down and slide my icy cold feet into the toasty socks.


Staring down at my outfit, I realize I’m missing quite a few things. I scramble to find my dark blue jeans and favorite long sleeved shirt. I throw them on, ruffle my hair, and stroll to the breakfast table wishing for warm strawberry oatmeal. Well, anything warm will do.


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