The Competition

Brooklyn skates out onto the ice to warm up her brand new skill, the double axel. She twirls around the rink, executing her jumps and spins but tumbles and falls when she attempts the double axel. Will Brooklyn be able to land the tricky element once she takes the ice for her competition performance? The Competition describes how Brooklyn overcomes the pitfalls of her warm up and resiliently works to put on the performance of a lifetime! You will find the first 197 of 628 words pasted below. 

Worn laces tightly strung together. Snug figure skates.

Rhinestones ornately decorate my sparkly, black velvet competition dress. Hairspray tightly holds together my intricately braided hair.

I’m ready to compete.

Chilly air whips around the arena. Pacing towards the door, I eagerly wait to feel the ice beneath my sleek, silver blades.

“Will the first five skaters please take the ice for their warm up?”

Gliding onto the ice, relief washes away my nerves. My blades press into deep, strong edges as I stroke around the ice.

Just like practice. Waltz jump. Axel. Double loop. Double flip. Double lutz double loop.

“Strong landings, Brooklyn,” my coach reminds me. “Now, let’s see the double axel. Nice and easy.”

My eyes squeeze together as I visualize myself landing the jump.

Heartbeat racing, I glide around the rink, carefully positioning my mind and body to effortlessly execute two and a half rotations in the air.

Back outside edge. Bent knee. Pressure lifting me high into the air. Legs tightly crossed. Crash.

Freshly zambonied ice soaks through my tights, but I manage to stand up and shake it off. After all, how many times have I fallen on this jump before? Zillions.


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