Monsters Don’t Like Sour Cream

Larry slaved away making a delightful meal for the monsters under his bed. When they refuse to eat dinner because of a dollop of sour cream, how will he convince them to be brave? Monster’s Don’t Like Sour Cream is a humorous picture book that tackles the difficulty faced when new food refuses to be tried because of its appearance. You will find the first 296 of 900 words pasted below.

Tonight, I’m planning a scrumptious meal. Tacos, it’s what’s for dinner. Tasty. Crunchy. Deliciousness all wrapped up in a tortilla. I absolutely cannot wait.

Slipping a colorful invitation to the monsters that reside under the bed, I got to work. My monsters first home cooked meal must be a smashing success.

First, I take out ALL the ingredients: hamburger, zesty taco seasoning, one bright red tomato, a ripe avocado, lettuce, cheese, and of course sour cream. Oh, and I almost forgot the flour tortillas.

“Mom, I need your help!” I call out excitedly.

“Yes, Larry?” Mom asked.

Staring sweetly into my mother’s questioning gaze, I asked, “Can you supervise me while I prepare tacos for the monsters under my bed?”

“Well, since you asked nicely, I suppose I can assist you.” Mom chuckled.

Bebop, boop de boom. We hummed while we fried the hamburger in the frying pan.

Zizzle, splash, crack we listened to the hamburger absorb the zesty taco seasoning.

Choppity, chop, chop, we belted out while slicing the tomato, lettuce, and avocado with the sparkly, silver knife.

Swish, drizzle, splot we sung as we dropped crisply chopped lettuce, stringy Mexican cheese, diced tomatoes, and avocado slices into the maroon serving bowls on the rustic table.

“Grab the tortillas,” Mom reminded me. I keep forgetting about the tortillas.

Glancing around the table, the taco meat stole the spotlight. Crisp lettuce, stringy cheese, diced tomatoes, avocado slices and warm tortillas were merely limelight features, but made the meal dazzle.

Missing, what was missing? Sour cream! Racing to the countertop, I yanked the container and placed it next to the stringy, yellow cheese.

Waving my arms in a circular motion, the sweet aroma wafted through the air. Waiting patiently, I eagerly scanned the hallway for the monsters.








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The Competition

Brooklyn skates out onto the ice to warm up her brand new skill, the double axel. She twirls around the rink, executing her jumps and spins but tumbles and falls when she attempts the double axel. Will Brooklyn be able to land the tricky element once she takes the ice for her competition performance? The Competition describes how Brooklyn overcomes the pitfalls of her warm up and resiliently works to put on the performance of a lifetime! You will find the first 197 of 628 words pasted below. 

Worn laces tightly strung together. Snug figure skates.

Rhinestones ornately decorate my sparkly, black velvet competition dress. Hairspray tightly holds together my intricately braided hair.

I’m ready to compete.

Chilly air whips around the arena. Pacing towards the door, I eagerly wait to feel the ice beneath my sleek, silver blades.

“Will the first five skaters please take the ice for their warm up?”

Gliding onto the ice, relief washes away my nerves. My blades press into deep, strong edges as I stroke around the ice.

Just like practice. Waltz jump. Axel. Double loop. Double flip. Double lutz double loop.

“Strong landings, Brooklyn,” my coach reminds me. “Now, let’s see the double axel. Nice and easy.”

My eyes squeeze together as I visualize myself landing the jump.

Heartbeat racing, I glide around the rink, carefully positioning my mind and body to effortlessly execute two and a half rotations in the air.

Back outside edge. Bent knee. Pressure lifting me high into the air. Legs tightly crossed. Crash.

Freshly zambonied ice soaks through my tights, but I manage to stand up and shake it off. After all, how many times have I fallen on this jump before? Zillions.

Pirate’s Cove

Ruthless crocodiles. Skull and bones. Walking the plank. Deep, mysterious caves. The fearless crew is ready to tackle the daring mini golf course to win their blasted treasure. Read along to see how these young scalawags navigate the tides on their quest for plunder! Pirate’s Cove is an adventurous tale filled with challenging obstacles that are overcome by the young scalawags teamwork and determination. You will find the first 171 of 611 words pasted below. 

It is a terrific day for treasure hunting. My comrades and I are ready to tackle the daring mini golf course at Pirate’s Cove and secure our fortune.

“Mateys, it’s time we track down that treasure!”

Tilting my black captain’s hat, I scour the landscape for our blasted riches.

“This way, scalawags.”

“Aye-aye, Captain!”

Using our putters to navigate the tides, we embark upon our quest for plunder.

The ruthless crocodile who chops his pearly whites tries to capsize our quest, but luckily our golf balls sail through him into our first checkpoint.

“Ahoy, mateys! See the skull and bones yonder? Skillfully swirling down the anchor is our next challenge on the map.”

“Shiver-me-timbers, Captain. What kind of thievery is this?”

“Have no fear, buccaneers. Skillfully strike the ball and it’s sure to kerplunk into the hole!”

“Aye-aye, Captain!”

With swagger, the unscrupulous pirates ruthlessly strike their golf balls through the hostile terrain.


“Aye-aye, mateys. We’re closing in on our contraband. We’ve only got two checkpoints left on our adventure.”

It’s Gonna Be A Cold One Today!

Extra cold weather calls for extra layers. Barnaby thinks his winter ensemble is complete until he peers down at his poor little toes. Barnaby’s in a frosty predicament when his bulky boots decide not to fit anymore!  It’s Gonna Be A Cold One Today! is a picture book that follows Barnaby on his quest to be prepared for the frigid weather.  You will find the first  229 of 639 words pasted below. 

Frosty window panes.


“Brrr!” I exclaim. Wriggling down into the warm embrace of my fluffy down comforter, I wistfully think about remaining in bed the whole day.


“Barnaby, hurry up! It’s time to get ready for school!” Mom calls up the stairs.


My comforter remains draped around my shoulders like a king’s robe, as I shuffle towards my window. Scraping off the frosty condensation, I inspect my thermometer.


A hint of red glares back at me, it’s almost completely hidden from sight.


“2 degrees?” I gasp. “Boy, it’s gonna be a cold one today.”


I rummage through the bottom of my dresser. Extra cold weather calls for extra layers. Who cares if my long johns have frogs hopping all over them? No one will see ‘em anyways, I think while covering my bare legs.


Moving on up to the top drawer, I fling socks out.


“Not this one, not that one, where are my wool socks?” I mutter.


“Aha! Of course they were the very last pair!” I plop down and slide my icy cold feet into the toasty socks.


Staring down at my outfit, I realize I’m missing quite a few things. I scramble to find my dark blue jeans and favorite long sleeved shirt. I throw them on, ruffle my hair, and stroll to the breakfast table wishing for warm strawberry oatmeal. Well, anything warm will do.

Shoelace Fiasco

“Will I ever figure this out?” I said with a shout. Tying shoes is a tricky business. The laces flop all over the place instead of neatly forming into a bow. What’ll I do to tie my shoes? Shoelace Fiasco is a humorous picture book filled with rhymes that explain the strategies one boy used to persist through the tricky shoe tying business. You will find the first 117 of 366 words pasted below.

Red high top tennis shoes are giving me the blues.

The stringy long laces refuse to go in the right places.

My shoes have to be tight, in case I have to run at the speed of light.

I wrap my fingers around the shoestring and try to pull up the thing.

I start in the middle of the shoe and clench the laces to pull them through.

Tightening my red shoelaces is tricky; I can’t quite do it quickly.

I take my time pulling the strings tightly; after all, I want them to be tied nicely.

 My shoes are snug as a bug around my feet, but the task of tying my shoes is still incomplete.

Do Dinosaurs Tiptoe?

Dinosaurs. Winston needs to know everything about them. He knows just what to do – he can ask questions! Do Dinosaurs Tiptoe is a humorous picture book that follows the endless questions Winston is asking about his favorite creature.  You will find the first 107 of 308 words pasted below.

“Do dinosaurs tiptoe?”

“Do they plan sneak attacks or loudly burst through the leaves?”

“After they catch their prey, do they put it in the refrigerator?”

“Do they carry it in a lunchbox if they are traveling to visit their family?”

“Do dinosaurs have family reunions?”

“Do different dinosaurs meet with each other during these family gatherings?”

“What kind of games do the dinosaurs play with their family?”

“Do they play tag? Hide and go seek? Board games?”

“What about TV? Do dinosaurs watch TV before bedtime?”

“Or, do they read stories about humans before their eyes drift to sleep?”

“Speaking of sleep, where do dinosaurs sleep?”

Marcia the Mushroom

Finding a new home in the forest isn’t easy for Marcia the mushroom. She thought she had found the perfect spot until she discovered that the tree she had rooted in next to thinks she is nothing more than an invasive fungus! Will Marcia be able to find an area where she is welcomed? Marcia the Mushroom is a thoughtful picture book that describes the missed opportunity of friendship because of judging someone prior to getting to know them. You will find the first 211 of 705 words pasted below.

Tall cedar trees cover the landscape. New leaves are budding to announce, with certainty that spring is finally here.

 Caryn glances at the grass surrounding the base on her tree stump. She stares down at the lush, green fabric that compliments her leaves and blissfully sighs.

 “Top of the morning, Caryn,” Hoppy greets her, “Love the new decoration!”

Alarm bells fiercely stream panic throughout Caryn’s veins, she did not order anything extra this spring. What is this fur ball talking about? Maybe he is thinking about how beautiful the grass looks. Its vibrant colors showcase just how well she cared for it this past year. That must be what Hoppy’s talking about.

 “I know, isn’t the grass just beautiful. It really makes my whole area of the forest stand out!” Caryn exclaims.

 “Uh, yes the grass is quite lovely, but haven’t you noticed the red dome with white speckles?” Hoppy mumbled.

 “I’m sorry, but you sir Hoppy, are describing a fungus. I absolutely do not tolerate those species to live near me. You must be mistaken,” Caryn scoffed.

 “Why don’t you like mushrooms?” Hoppy questioned.

“Look, my area is perfect the way it is. I don’t want an invasive mushroom changing things. I want things to stay the same,” Caryn growled.

Sally the Space Cadet

Will Sally ever bring her field trip form home? No matter how many times Mom reminds her, she keeps forgetting it. How will she convince her mind to remember? Sally the Space Cadet is a humorous picture book that tackles the difficult nature of learning how to be responsible. You will find the first 283 of 974 words pasted below.

“Sally, Sally, Sally,” Mom muttered, “What in the world are we going to do with you?”

Her bright blue eyes radiantly sparkled despite the fact that Mom was disappointed. She didn’t mean to lose the important handout; in fact she was holding it tightly until Miyah asked her to help carry some chocolate chip cookies. Now, how was she supposed to resist the chance of receiving a gooey treat?

“I’m sorry, Mom. I promise it won’t happen again,” Sally blissfully answered.

The next morning, Mom did everything in her power to make sure Sally wouldn’t forget. Notes were on her folder, agenda, and backpack. Then, she pulled out a blue, silk ribbon, and carefully tied it around Sally’s pointer finger, with a gentle reminder that the ribbon was to help her remember to bring her field trip form home. She also thought about grabbing a Sharpie to give her spacey daughter a makeshift tattoo reminder, anything that could guarantee success. Mom knew it would be easier to just pick up the handout herself, but her heart insisted upon teaching Sally some good ol’ responsibility.

“Mom, I love this blue ribbon, it matches my outfit perfectly! I’ll see you after school, love you,” Sally warmly smiled at Mom as she hopped out of the minivan.

“Sally,” Mom called, “what will the blue ribbon help you remember?”

“My field trip form, silly. I won’t forget it again today,” Sally cheerfully answered.

All day Sally admired the beautiful ribbon. She traced the tightly wound cursive letters of Mom’s helpful note. She’d been extra responsible this morning. She got the handout as soon she scurried into the classroom.  Now, the paper just had to be delivered home.

Is Mucus Useless?

Why does our nose produce mucus? What exactly is it’s purpose? Is it useful or useless? Understanding why we have snot may be tricky, but this book will help you without making you slimy or sticky! Is Mucus Useless? is a humorous, narrative nonfiction picture book that explains the purpose of snot and how it helps protect our body.  You will find the first 107 of 301 words pasted below.

My nose has an intruder, it is a nasty booger.

Green, slimy mucus, I do not want you. You seem useless.

But I know that your mucus is useful; actually it is crucial, if I’m truthful.

Why, you ask? Well, you see mucus has a valuable task.

The nose is exposed to millions of tiny particles, it is kind of remarkable.

Mucus acts as the body’s natural filter, it detects if something entering the nose is unfamiliar.

Germs, dust, or pollen try to enter, but the mucus blocks the lung tormentors.

You see, without the mucus protection, or the snot, irritation and infection would have a shot.

Cosmic Crunch

Ten year old Wally was just minding his own business when a spaceship appeared out of nowhere in his backyard.  A precious item was left on Pluto, but due to the new size regulations,  the alien’s map is missing the dwarf planet’s location. Will Wally and the alien find the missing treasure? Cosmic Crunch is a humorous picture book that describes Wally’s adventurous treasure hunt through space.  You will find the first 272 of 938 words pasted below.

There I was, muttering complaints about picking up all of the sticks littering the backyard, when all of a sudden I spotted a spaceship tucked behind my garage.

My jaw dropped with amazement, “What in the world…”

My feet gripped into the freshly trimmed grass as I stood frozen in place, like a garden gnome. My heart pounded, but curiosity got the best of my fluttering thoughts. I just couldn’t help myself, I had to investigate.

Tiptoeing to the twinkling glass, I lightly knocked three times. It was as if a vacuum sucked up the breath in my lungs as I impatiently waited for a response.

Piercing green eyeballs attached to what appeared to be purple twigs poked up from beneath the glass.

Swoosh. The glass vanished into the silver orb as the amethyst creature stood up to greet me.  My hands pushed my jaw back together as I listened to the garbled nonsense coming out of the alien’s mouth.  He glanced at me the way my mother does when she knows I haven’t been listening.

Shrugging my shoulders, I slowly said, “I don’t understand you.”

Thin fingers slid to the side of the alien’s neck. Beep, bop, boop, “There, do you understand this dialect?”

“Ya,” I muttered. I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Here I was, in plain old Illinois having an actual conversation with an alien.

In a low pitch voice, the alien asked, “Do you know where planet Pluto is? It’s been taken off of our intergalactic map due to its size, but we left a valuable resource on it. I could use your help finding it. ”

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